• Inspiration

    Let the shattering begin

    LET THE SHATTERING BEGIN// Two phrases my soul spoke to me, changed my life: ‘what if I am fundamentally unlovable’ ‘let the shattering begin’ Both of these phrases came from the deep recesses of my soul at a time when…

  • Inspiration

    Healing through Forgiveness

    FORGIVENESS// One of the greatest things that has helped me on my journey is forgiveness. Not just for the people who have ‘hurt’ me, but also for myself. Forgiveness is not about condoning bad behaviour, but about allowing yourself to…

  • Inspiration

    Colouring Outside The Lines

    We are told when we are kids that we need to stay within the lines. Choose the right colours. Basically from a young age people are telling us to fit inside a box, and don’t you dare try to move.…

  • Inspiration

    The fear to change your life

    You can change your life in an instant. The moment you decide. For me it took 3 week. I had 3 weeks holidays after Christmas. My first real break in years, and allowing myself 3 weeks was HUGE. All the…


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