Rebranding Tonic Wellness

Things have been a little quiet here at Tonic Wellness…well on the surface things have been quiet, while behind the scenes, so much has been happening.

Some of you may be aware that we are currently going through a rebrand for Twisted Tonic Tea – which is all coming along, just a little slower than I would like! When I made the decision to rebrand my tea range, I also made the decision to rebrand Tonic Wellness.

The last 6 months really have been a whirlwind for me. Everything that has happened pushed me to do more healing work, clear away that which no longer served me and follow my true path. And so that is what I am doing with my work as well. It has brought about a desire to change the way I work and the services I offer, so that it is more in alignment with my mission.

And while I would love to snap my fingers and have it all done straight away – I have realised that these things take time and I have to be patient along the way.

Many people would say that rebranding is death for a business, but sometimes it is about giving something new life. And that’s how I feel with all of this rebranding. I am bringing to life the vision that I have to change the world, just in different ways.

With this rebrand will also come new services (so excited to share this over the coming weeks), new ways of reaching more people, and a renewed energy to bring into the business.

If you want to be the first to know about the changes, the new name, the new services, please sign up to our newsletter (which will transfer over to the new brand in the next week or so).

I can’t wait to share this amazing new vision with you all

CourtneyΒ ♥

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