One Day Cacao Immersion: Sunday 3rd February


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This one day cacao immersion will allow you to drop deeper into your heart, finding deeper connection to self, your heart, your intuition and the world around you.

It is a unique blend of cacao, music, creation, movement and meditation.

You will experience cacao in a few different forms, and have multiple doses of ceremonial cacao throughout the day, as we bring our awareness back to self.


Allow yourself to surrender in a gentle, slow, hatha style YOGA with the beautiful Sabrina from Sublime Yoga. To begin to unlock and shift through blockages in your body and become aware of where you are holding resistance.

Allow your inner child to come out and play with a fun CREATIVE activity. Joy is the essence of life, creation and

manifesting, so we will be focusing on bringing joy to your inner child.

Experience the expansion of DANCE and CACAO with MEDITATION.

It is an experience for the MIND, BODY and SOUL.

Allow yourself to come and rest in your true essence of pure love and connection.

Everyone’s experience will be different. It is about allowing yourself the space to just be present and have the experience unfold for you. It is about surrendering to the process, and allowing your heart to open.



When: Sunday 3rd February 2019

Time: 10am-5pm

Investment: $169

Where: Willunga (location will be emailed to you)



Please bring a Yoga Mat, Cushion, Water Bottle and Notepad and pen

Where comfortable clothes (as we will be moving!!)

A blanket for the meditation if you get cold

Please also bring a light lunch for yourself

You can also bring any crystals etc that you would like to charge with the energy on the day



For those who have done ceremonies before, it is advisable not to eat 3 hours beforehand, to get the most benefit out of the cacao. However, I know that not everyone will be able to do this!! It is not essential, just a little bonus if you want to. Also, it is recommended not to eat any animal products for 24hrs beforehand, or drink caffeine or alcohol. It is also not recommended to smoke anything for 24hrs beforehand. This will give you the greatest experience.



Courtney is a Naturopath, healer, ceremony facilitator, massage therapist. All the things that you would put on a business card (you can read more about my journey in the about section on the website)…but here is the real me…

I am deeply connected to healing the world. That has always been my mantra – heal the world with love. I am a wild soul, sometimes trapped in a business mindset, yearning to run free with the wolves.

I am a poet, an earth goddess, and a dancer at my core (I am literally always dancing).

Music heals my soul. It vibrates in my heart, trickles into my veins and courses through me like wild fire.

I have spent many years feeling trapped in pleasing others around me. Something that I will no longer do.

I am always striving to be the best version of myself. Not perfect, just the best version of me. And while some people will say, ‘you never had to find your true self, as it was always inside you’ – years of putting other peoples beliefs and stigma on top of your soul can leave you feeling a little lost. So yes, I am always unfolding into my best self.

I believe that the creative spirit living inside me, is my greatest gift.

I am a constant dreamer – always have been, always will be. My mantra is: dream, plan, believe, act, achieve, celebrate (which is a take on the original: whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve – but planning, hard work and celebration are needed in order to take it from a dream to reality).

Rainbows fill my heart with joy, because they remind us that no matter how severe the storm, it will pass, and beauty will be seen again.


REFUND POLICY: due to the preparation involved, no refunds will be issued 7 days before event. Prior to this, a full refund will be offered if cancelled within 14 days of event, or a 50% refund between 14 and 7 days of the event. 



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