Colouring Outside The Lines

We are told when we are kids that we need to stay within the lines. Choose the right colours. Basically from a young age people are telling us to fit inside a box, and don’t you dare try to move.

We hinder creative expression, because let’s face it, the arts have no value. You won’t ever make it as an artist, so why bother with the creation.

I am calling bullshit.

When children are young, we want them to create, but we want them to create our way. The way we think something will look pretty. It needs to be just so. So true creative expression is thwarted in the process.

And so they grow up with a limited way of thinking. For those lucky enough to have the fortitude not to listen to those people – (let’s be honest we have all seen those amazing videos on YouTube of the girls (and boys) dancing to the beat of their own drum), creative expression is something that is so ingrained in their DNA that they have no choice but to create.

And I truly believe it’s the same in business.

We are told not to stray from the lines. To use those tried and true methods. Don’t try to move from that box! People are told not to copy others – Wallace Wattles said to create don’t compete. But yet all the business tips and tricks you see are about copying someone else’s formula. Copying their formula is the only way to be successful! But let’s face it, this hardly works for most people.

I am calling bullshit.

I have been both a creator and a copier. I start creating. And then so much information comes to me that I am not doing it the right way and I should follow this or that formula.

The past 2 years have all been about creation versus competition for me. That tug of war that feels like it could rip your soul in 2.

So, my whole mindset has shifted back to the genius words of Wallace Wattles (if you haven’t read his books, they are worth the read). Create don’t compete. Don’t let someone else’s path or formula dictate your direction.

Let your creativity flow. Colour outside those damn lines and invent something totally new. It may shock people at first, but how incredible is that feeling when someone responds to something you have created.

For me, this has not only been an issue in business, but also in my creative pursuits. For years, I put my creative writing on hold, I stopped all creative outlets, as I felt I had nothing of value to say or create. Well those tides are turning, and we will see more creativity flowing from people’s lives.

So call bullshit, and colour outside the lines. Only then can you create the life you dream of. Life isn’t meant to be stagnant and straight. It is meant to be a tapestry of colours and textures. Let your creativity flow through your soul and connect to your dreams.

Courtney x

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