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    What is Conscious Lovers?

    What if you could create a relationship that is full of divine love, and one that never ends? Would you be willing to surrender what you believe to discover what could be? That is what Conscious Lovers is all about. Creating a foundation of love that is so strong, it can’t be broken. And that relationship is with yourself. “First need to light our own way home Before we can help guide those around us” You are the only person you are guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with. So, we start with you. Building a foundation of love for yourself that allows you to be who you…

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    A Cacao Range Unlike Any Other

    A cacao range unlike any other. These blends have been created after spending months in Cacao Ceremony, working with the energy of this incredible plant medicine. Drawing inspiration and intuition for the blends from this heart opening medicine, in deep…

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    Let the shattering begin

    LET THE SHATTERING BEGIN// Two phrases my soul spoke to me, changed my life: ‘what if I am fundamentally unlovable’ ‘let the shattering begin’ Both of these phrases came from the deep recesses of my soul at a time when…

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    Healing through Forgiveness

    FORGIVENESS// One of the greatest things that has helped me on my journey is forgiveness. Not just for the people who have ‘hurt’ me, but also for myself. Forgiveness is not about condoning bad behaviour, but about allowing yourself to…

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    Am I still a Naturopath?

    I got asked this question over the weekend…Am I still a Naturopath? And the short answer is, yes. But here is the truest answer I can give. I have been a practicing Naturopath for years, and I loved it. I…


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