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    Am I still a Naturopath?

    I got asked this question over the weekend…Am I still a Naturopath? And the short answer is, yes. But here is the truest answer I can give. I have been a practicing Naturopath for years, and I loved it. I live and breath health and wellness. I dream about health, how I can treat people better. I have spent years immersed in Mental Health research, so I can offer the best possible treatment for my clients. It was all I knew. And I loved it. Becoming a Naturopath was one of the greatest moments in my life, as it was something I had dreamed about for years. For those who…

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    I Am A Woman

    I am a woman A strong woman A broken woman I am a woman A strong woman A broken woman A wild woman A delicate woman A healing woman A medicine woman A beautiful woman A loving woman A sacred…

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    How Cacao changed my life

    There has been more and more attention on Cacao Ceremonies recently, thanks in large part to social media. There has been a real shift in using ancient wisdom and healing practices. And people are starting to pay attention to these…


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