Welcome to Sacred Collective (formally Tonic Wellness). Sacred Collective was a vision I had for the culmination of all of the branches of work I wanted to put out into the world.

What started as Tonic Wellness, a primarily naturopathic space, needed to grow to become what was now my vision.

Everything I have learnt, experienced, dived deep into and felt, needed to find a path for expression.

Sacred Collective is a space for healing, cacao, herbal medicine, a space where alchemy and healing culminate. Where the sacred being in all of us is nurtured.

 I invite you to explore the path of healing that you are drawn to, that calls to you.


I have been working in holistic health for over 17 years. I first started out working in remedial therapies, such as massage, polarity and myofascial release. But it was doing my naturopathic studies that felt like it completed the circle for me. It allowed me to combine all of the knowledge I had to date and work with clients to help them heal.

My mission was always to specialise in mental health support, due to my own struggle with depression and anxiety when I was younger. I was lucky enough to work with a naturopath who saved my life, and I wanted to be able to offer that to other people.

My journey has had many challenges, both personal and in business, but I see every part of that a lesson in the journey.

I have previously faced many health challenges, including multiple auto-immune conditions and mental health challenges. But it was in 2018, when I was faced with an unknown heart issue, I needed to look deeper into my healing.

That is when I expanded my training into Tantra and Cacao Ceremonies. I have spent a lot of time immersed in these (and other) healing practices and spiritual practices, and now that has expanded into my practice as well.

What I offer to clients is not a standard Naturopath session or massage or business coaching session. It is about identifying what each person needs, where they are at, where they want to go and the best path forward for them.

I never wanted to identify with a label. I always hated putting a ‘title’ on my business card. Because what I do is so varied. There is no label that covers it.

Yes I am a naturopath, healer, massage therapist, business mentor, trainer, cacao ceremony facilitator,  herbalist, tea maker, business owner…I am also something totally different…

So here is a little more about me:

I am deeply connected to healing the world. That has always been my mantra – heal the world with love. I am a wild soul, sometimes trapped in a business mindset, yearning to run free with the wolves.

I am a poet, an earth goddess, and a dancer at my core (I am literally always dancing).

Music heals my soul. It vibrates in my heart, trickles into my veins and courses through me like wild fire.

I have spent many years feeling trapped in pleasing others around me. Something that I will no longer do.

I am always striving to be the best version of myself. Not perfect, just the best version of me. And while some people will say, ‘you never had to find your true self, as it was always inside you’ – years of putting other peoples beliefs and stigma on top of your soul can leave you feeling a little lost. So yes, I am always unfolding into my best self.

I believe that the creative spirit living inside me, is my greatest gift.

I am a constant dreamer – always have been, always will be. My mantra is: dream, plan, believe, act, achieve, celebrate (which is a take on the original: whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve – but planning, hard work and celebration are needed in order to take it from a dream to reality).

Rainbows fill my heart with joy, because they remind us that no matter how severe the storm, it will pass, and beauty will be seen again.

If this resonates with you, I would love to work with you. Together we can find the right fit for you and your journey.



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